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Chapter one

Joe is born in Grand Rapids Michigan to a hard working, loving family, a downright loveable little kid. Moving from the city to a farm and back to the city again. He learns the meaning of adventure at an early age. His world is filled with snakes, bicycles, cows and BB guns. He sets a goal for what he wants to be when he grows up. He comes face to face with prejudice, and an unusual method of fixing his broken nose. 


Chapter two

From dawn until dusk Joe jumps from one adventure to another. Whether in the schoolyard, riding a bus, going shopping or on the side of a creek, Joe savors each experience. He finds sadness and disappointment and friendships and happiness along the pathway of this growing up he has to do. Then, when his family moves again to their own home in the suburbs he finds someone really scary to deal with.


Chapter three

As friendships grow stronger and girls become more confusing Joe moves into new areas of interest. Learning the trades of young manhood, smoking and hitchhiking, bullies, practical jokes, consequences and earning money. Working with his father to build a better home and finding out that some guys just shouldn’t be his friends. There really are good guys and bad guys.


Chapter four

Motor scooters, monster movies, high school, cars, major disappointment and bad decisions, a mixed bag of emotions waging war inside a hormonally explosive teenage body. Joe follows some bad turns and fights back the best he can. Heartbreak, fatherhood and discouragement bring maturity at a young age. Real friends and family values encourage change.


Chapter five

An unplanned trip charged with excitement and danger, loneliness and companionship, and silly antics are a treat for Joe. Coming back he faces guns from a robber and embarrassment from the opposite sex while continuing to develop his survival skills. Then he throws a beach ball at a woman and his life takes still another turn.


Chapter six

After marriage Joe’s life becomes a daily challenge to balance work and family. A challenge he relishes and flourishes in, most of the time. Determined and in love his family grows. His ambitions sometimes bear fruit, and sometimes not. Knowing how to shoot a bow and arrow proves to be a major benefit, and sort of funny at the same time. At someone else’s expense.


Chapter seven

Family life is not a boring thing for Joe or his family. Looking to expand his horizons he looks for opportunities to improve as a provider. New friendships grow stronger, racing sports cars and jumping motorcycles are a mixed bag of activity while another child joins the family. Then series of events combine to create a roller coaster ride for everyone. Then tragedy strikes. No one saw it coming, no one was prepared.


Chapter eight

Life as they had known it was gone. Joe and his family garnered together whatever strength, faith and ingenuity they had and set out to conquer this stranger in their midst. Terrible, scary and beautiful, the twists and turns run the course of human patience in the most unpredictable of circumstances, with a completely unknown outcome. What happened? How did it turn out? You will be there through it all.


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Joe is available for speaking engagements on a limited basis in the Michigan area regarding his experience with CO poisoning, amnesia and recovery. He can be contacted at with your request and further information.

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